10 Celebrities Who Have a Twin You Didn’t Know about

When it comes to twins, there can regularly be a feeling of contention or even jealousy as they grow up. On the off chance you have a twin, odds are good you’ve felt a string of envy or distrustfulness as you think about who is the better twin or who of you two do the parents like more. What if your twin was celebrity? How might it feel to have a twin who winds up being a major musician or movie star?

We wager that is exactly what most of these people thought about. Here, we introduce you to twelve superstars you most likely didn’t know have a twin who’s not nearly as famous. You might have known about these people from their own achievements, but you likely didn’t know they had a big name twin.


Linda And Leslie Hamilton

Leslie actually played Sarah Connor’s doppelganger in Terminator 2: Judgement Day. And here most of us thought it was just amazing special effects.


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