10 Overprotective Dads Sending a Clear Message They’ll Protect Their Daughters

Most girls are daddy’s pride and joy — they’re the indisputable favorite of many fathers, and the dad’s greatest dread is usually seeing their young lady get hurt or stricken with sadness. Without a doubt, dads get overprotective — yet that is on account of them knowing you can do better… pretty much no matter what.

These dads looking to keep their little princesses safe are often used as the punchline in movies and TV. We can all recall the great lengths that movie dads like Greg Focker of ‘Meet the Fockers’ and Bryan Mills of ‘Taken’ went through. Some of the time, fathers can be a little too overprotective towards their girls. Here are 10 funny times dads might have gone a little beyond overprotective.

Overprotective Relatives

Prom season means Hunting season for this daughter’s relatives. We feel bad for her date for being easy target.

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