12 Disney World Secrets You Had No Idea About

Walt Disney World is a standout amongst the most wonderful spots to visit and it has all sorts of things that all ages can appreciate. From taking a safari in Animal Kingdom, riding attractions, live shows, light parades, amazing fireworks, visiting the distinctive nations to eat and drink and take in the historical backdrop of every nation highlighted in Epcot, to eating at Cinderella’s Castle, taking a back lot tour and watching a movie stunt show at Hollywood Studios, Disney World is loaded with little mysteries that help make it the wonderful, captivating spot it is. In any case, there are some lesser known things about Disney World that most visitors have absolutely no idea about.

A few Disney parks “secrets” are kind of well-known like the thousands of hidden Mickey Mouse silhouettes found throughout every one of their parks and resorts, the Evil Queen from Snow White appears in a window in one of the structures in Fantasyland at regular intervals, and there is a genuine human skull on the bed in the Captain’s Quarters on the Pirates of the Caribbean fascination.

However, there are some secrets that go even deeper than all of those. The following is 12 of Disney World’s best-kept secrets.


A Sweet Suite in Cinderella’s Castle

Though it was originally built for Walt Disney as a personal on-site apartment, he died before they actually finished building it. Only a few people ever get to stay here because you can only win a night’s stay, not book it.

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