15 Documentaries to Challenge Your View of Reality

We all have a different view of the way we believe the world works. That being said, many of us are also generally pretty well set in our ways as far as our preconceived notions are concerned. If you’re looking to challenge your world view or you just want to see a different take on things, the following 15 documentaries are a good way to seriously skew the way you perceive everything. While we’re not saying everything in these movies are necessarily true, we’re also not saying that the information they provide is false. Check these documentaries out to see how much of your reality isn’t quite what you think it is.

Four Horsemen

The current structure of the economy is so fragile that according to the United Nations, nearly 60 percent of the world economies will be bankrupt by 2050. We are all a part of a massive debt-creating machine, and the ‘Four Horseman’ does a great job examining this prevailing problem.

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