18 Hotels that Take Luxury to Insane Levels

For some fortunate vacationers, the amount they spend to travel doesn’t mean anything to them. They have their pick of the finest facilities when they travel the world. A long ways from the typical inns that may offer just a pool and some cold serial and bagels for breakfast, these lavish lodgings offer living that’s probably more comfortable than even most of us have at home. From having incredibly famous spas to your own servant, these hotels and resorts know how to treat their visitors exceptionally well. Still, those visitors pay a mint for those magnificent facilities. Here are 18 luxurious hotels to leave you wanting to save up for a stay.

The Oberoi Vanyavilas

Located on 20 acres of beautiful landscape, the Oberoi Vanyavilas in India is a great choice for travelers hoping to experience wildlife and nature. There is even an observation tower to help you admire the jungle views. A suite offering views of the Taj Mahal can cost 750,000 INR per night, which translates to about $12,000 USD a night.

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