20 Everyday Things You Had No Idea are Scarier than You Ever Thought Possible

We as a whole realize that the world just isn’t necessarily a safe place to live. Every day, many individuals get included in fiascoes, mishaps and all sorts of painful and deadly accidents. There are normal cataclysms or calamities, for example, like lava eruptions, massive storms, seismic tremors, flooding and fire, and numerous more man-made disasters that make our planet a hazardous place. Nevertheless, risk can be near you without you having any clue. You’ll be more than surprised to learn about how ordinary things can be a threat to you and your family. Here are a few things that will make you frightened of, or at least creeped out by, all sorts of ordinary items.

Pressed Wood

Pressed wood products contain formaldehyde that is a human carcinogen. Moreover, formaldehyde in large amounts can cause health problems.

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