The Greatest 20 Presidents in American History

Which Presidents are the seen as the best? While the choices are clearly easy to refute depending on one’s political views, students of history have needed to know the appropriate response since the American Republic was established. Along these lines, the American Political Science Association made an orderly positioning way to deal with this question. A sum of 162 individuals from that organization were surveyed and were requested to rate all past U.S. Presidents for their viability as lawmakers and their effectiveness as political leaders. Here is what their survey reveled: The Greatest 20 Presidents in American History.

Abraham Lincoln

The argument could be made that the United States of America wouldn’t exist as we know it were it not for our Greatest President. Lincoln led the United States through its darkest hour, a time when we very well could have been lost as a nation: the Civil War. Unfortunately Lincoln was a casualty of this conflict, falling to an assassin’s bullet just days after the South surrendered at Appomattox Court House. Lincoln will forever be remembered as one of our greatest leaders for his perseverance through impossible odds.

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